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Soft-Lite Slider Windows

Softlite Slider Replacement Window

Elements Windows

Combining the unique features of the Element Double Hung, the Elements Slider allows additional style and operation choices for your home. The Elements Sliders bring increased versatility and maintenance freedom.

  • Cove-Mould Face, a sculpted interior and exterior design
  • K-Beam™, Kevlar®-reinforced fiberglass composite that holds our windows together
  • Robotically Fusion-Welded Seams
  • ComfortFoam™, all interior window chambers are insulated with our polyurethane foam insulation
  • Integral Ergonomic Lift Rail, making the window easier to raise and lower
  • UltraSmart™ Weatherstripping, three polyethelene fins provide barriers against air and water infiltration
  • Solid Brass Roller System
  • 2- or 3- Lite Sliders

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Softlite Replacement Windows in NE

Softlite Elements Series Replacement windows in Lincoln

Nebraska Home Improvement Center Softlite Replacement Windows

Nebraska's Home Improvement Center now carries the Soft-lite brand of windows. A window with the best overall performance of any window in the industry, Soft-Lite's Elements windows are designed to fit your lifestyle... worry free. From energy savings and air leakage prevention to keeping out the rain and greater overall strength, nothing keeps out the elements like Elements!

Soflite Windows in Lincoln NE    Softlite Windows Lincoln NE

  • keeps your family warm, comforable and dry year round
  • protects your home and contents better than any window available today
  • unmatched by any other manufacturer when it comes to overall performance

  • soft, rounded corners
  • low-profle locks
  • variety of styles, finishes, colors and options available

  • made in the USA
  • 70 years of expertise in window and door design and manufacturing


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