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Three Steps to Find the Best Energy Efficient Windows

One of the most important things to look for in an energy efficient window is a good frame. Another important factor to consider is the type of glass used, as that can play a big role as well. To prevent air from escaping you also need to make sure to select the right type of multi-pane design. There are many factors that affect the energy efficiency of a window, and we hope to give you some tips for picking a window that will have the ability to save you energy and money.

There are three main factors that cause windows to lose heat. The window frame can contribute to this, as well as the material or design of the glass. A multiple pains design uses multiple panes layers of glass in order to trap air and increase the insulation value of the window. It also give added sound proofing to your window.

Picking the right window:

Step #1 - The Right Type of Glass
This is a vital part of your window. Picking a clear plain glass for the window can make it very inefficient since the entire light source can pass right through it. This will generate excess heat in your home. The glass you want to look for would be one that comes with a coating that enhances the insulation properties of the glass, but will not lowering the visual integrity of the glass.

Step # 2 - The Frame Should Not Leak Air
What the window frame is made can also affect the energy efficiency of the window. The most common type of materials used are aluminum and wood/vinyl. We are trying to achieve energy efficiency, so a wood/vinyl frame would be good to go with since it has the lowest U-Value. A lower U-value equals a higher insulation factor. In addition to a good frame you may also want to consider the use if a thermal resistant edge spacer to reduce heat conduction.

Step # 3 - Double or Triple Gazed Panes?
A multi-pane design offers more layers of glass to trap air between which increases the insulation value and energy efficiency of the window. There are three main types to pick from: double or triple or double glazing. Additionally there are designs that inject a special glass between the panes to further increase the insulation value.

We hope this information was helpful and that you learned what to look for when shopping for the most energy efficient window for your home.

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